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  2. letthewaternotcomplain:

    Clara is in her dress 
    and it’s her sunday best 
    keepin’ up appearances for the old folks 
    in her pocket she hides all of her smokes 

    but, pretty as she is 
    there are those things she did 
    she can’t erase from the back of her eyelids 
    I’ve known her since we were kids 

    and I know she’s been tellin’ lies 
    can’t get to sleep at night 
    every time she tries 
    she just can’t get it right 
    it’s like she got the wind 
    all knocked out and 
    someone punched out her lights 

    hangin’ from the ceiling 
    the colors golden and gleaming 
    everyone comes for miles to stare 
    it’s like I’m not even there 

    and in her lasting sleep 
    she’s caught in a dream 
    no longer got any care 
    with the ribbons and the flowers in her hair 

    so I say, “Just sleep, baby, sleep. 
    No need to answer me. 
    You’re the light that’s shone through the deep. 
    Sleep, baby, sleep. 
    The grass will all turn green. 
    The sky will light up blue again.” 

    And she is like the sun 
    so nice to everyone 
    and her troubles are just the core of her outward beauty 
    and nobody now 
    could ever leave her be 
    not even her own baby

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  3. tripledekerec:

    The Fever Haze are playing some awesome shows coming up. Be sure to make it out to one. Order the Nose Rings/Love Songs For A Modern Twenty Something 7” so you can sing along!

    8/29 - Holland, MI - The Park Theater


    9/9 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Pyramid Scheme w/ Joyce Manor


    9/20 - Holland, MI - Lemonjello’s w/ Secret Grief, Runaway Brother


    9/22 - Lansing, MI - Mac’s Bar w/ Whirr, Cloakroom


  4. imascientistofmusic:

    The Fever Haze

  5. imascientistofmusic:

    Sean Bonnette and Me on the way to see joyce manor and the fever haze for free!!


  6. Anonymous said: solidarity mix


    Solidarity mix

    1. The Fever Haze - the only dj (makin me fall in love)
    2. One Reason - the end never mattered
    3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Temple Grandin
    4. Jake Simmons and the little ghosts - us
    5. High Dive - These are days
    6. Jason Anderson - Greensboro
    7. Listener - i dont want to live forever
    8. Saturday Looks Good to Me - lift me up
    9. Mighty Clouds - Mighty Cloud
    10. That Dog - Hawthorne


  7. fusionshows:

    We’re giving away a pair of tickets to see JOYCE MANOR with The Exquisites & The Fever Haze - September 9th at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids!

    ENTER HERE: http://goo.gl/wD5OxW


  8. imascientistofmusic:


    The Fever Haze: Clara’s in Her Dress

    Sleep baby sleep, no need to answer me. you’re the light that shone through the deep.

  9. fusionshows:


    Tickets & Info: http://goo.gl/U0F0Ma

    This is Wednesday. LETS SELL IT OUT PLS

  10. thewildandthedarkness:

    Bruce Springsteen and Robin Williams