1. Anonymous said: solidarity mix


    Solidarity mix

    1. The Fever Haze - the only dj (makin me fall in love)
    2. One Reason - the end never mattered
    3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Temple Grandin
    4. Jake Simmons and the little ghosts - us
    5. High Dive - These are days
    6. Jason Anderson - Greensboro
    7. Listener - i dont want to live forever
    8. Saturday Looks Good to Me - lift me up
    9. Mighty Clouds - Mighty Cloud
    10. That Dog - Hawthorne


  2. fusionshows:

    We’re giving away a pair of tickets to see JOYCE MANOR with The Exquisites & The Fever Haze - September 9th at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids!

    ENTER HERE: http://goo.gl/wD5OxW


  3. imascientistofmusic:


    The Fever Haze: Clara’s in Her Dress

    Sleep baby sleep, no need to answer me. you’re the light that shone through the deep.

  4. fusionshows:


    Tickets & Info: http://goo.gl/U0F0Ma

    This is Wednesday. LETS SELL IT OUT PLS

  5. thewildandthedarkness:

    Bruce Springsteen and Robin Williams

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  8. indiehangout:

    The Fever Haze ~ Love Song for a Modern Twenty​-​Something

    I’ll Be in the Same Place You Left Me


  9. secretgrief:

    Hey! We’re gonna keep reminding you about our Mac’s Bar show on August 20th until the day of the show. The show is going to be awesome and we want to prove it to you. Today you get to read about the other bands playing the show and why we chose them to play and why you should care about them!


  10. imascientistofmusic:

    This is the second part of an interview with me by dave. We listen to and talk about some some songs by The Fever Haze, Secret Grief, Jake Simmons and Church Camp.

    thefeverhaze secretgrief jakesimmonsandthelittleghosts churchcampband